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"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence"


Tournaments / Friendly Games

Our team of operation experts, match agents and partners at Total Soccer Tours will work closely with you to find suitable tournaments and/or friendly games.

The Total Soccer Method is just like Total Soccer Tours part of the Total Soccer Network. TSM is a complete and dynamic soccer coaching method suited for clubs, teams, players and coaches of all ages and abilities. TSM originates from The Netherlands and has been developed and implemented at both grass roots and professional levels in different countries across the globe. We can provide your group these TSM functional deliberate individual development within team development training sessions. Learn more about the Total Soccer Method, click here.

Total Soccer Method training sessions

Too many talented players lose their focus, become arrogant or fail to accept that to be a professional requires more than just attending training. By failing to be disciplined, players will throw away their potential, it is not easy and it is why in the development phases, mental strength, understanding and drive are more important than technical skills and ability. Together with our partner in Sport Psychology, we can provide interactive seminars to your players and coaches regarding Mindset, Motivation, Self-Confidence and many more topics.

Sport psychology sessions

Total Soccer Tours can provide access into coaching sessions, academy presentations, post session reviews with senior academy coaching staff regarding high performance coaching programs and playing philosophies at the most successful player development programmes across UK and European Academies.

Coach Education

In professional sports, strength and conditioning specialists design, plan and implement training programs for their athletes. We can provide programs to ready your athletes physically for the next season, while we believe today's sweat is tomorrow's glory. 

Strength and conditioning sessions

Total Soccer Tours will provide tickets to watch live professional fixtures across all UK and European destinations as part of your tour schedule. We have access into many of the biggest clubs across UK and Europe where you can enjoy the thrill, excitement and drama of watching a live professional fixture across the most attractive leagues. This will leave you with a lasting and memorable football experience. Total Soccer Tours will team up with our partners as part of your tour package to purchase match tickets on your behalf. (subject to availability)

Live Pro Fixtures

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