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"Train like an athlete, eat like a nutritionist, sleep like a baby, win like a champion"


Why an Elite Tour?

Total Soccer Tours are part of the Total Soccer Network and our  team members have been working as Academy coaches in the Netherlands. Therefore, Total Soccer Tours have been involved in the football arena for many years and have many established contacts, allowing to provide you international fixtures. Where ever you are thinking of travelling we can advise you on the most optimal destination and accommodation.


International elite fixtures

Total Soccer Tours invite you to experience different styles of play, whether your opposition is striving to dominate possession and/or space. During our midweek tours your players will learn to play international games between league games in the weekends just like UEFA Champions League and national caps. We can also provide short tours during school holidays and weekend breaks. We offer the perfect setting for experiencing the history and tradition of UK and European destinations while embracing their sporting culture in a unique setting. Through our match agents in the professional game, we can provide quality training grounds as well as professional academy fixtures and tournament to test your player’s performance against the best in Europe.


Travel agreements

As we have been involved in the football arena for many years, we understand that Academy players have to learn to perform in international fixtures although they are weary to their bones from the travelling and the endless country roads. We can provide all transfers in luxury coaches. You can relax and know that you are in safe hands, and that you are free to focus on the fixtures.


Developing the mindset

Next to this, we understand that Academy players have to learn that the ability to be able to sacrifice and have strong discipline is nearly essential for players to succeed. We understand that the path to developing elite players is not easy, straight or linear. Nothing worth celebrating comes easy and the pathway to professional football may not always be the one a player considered. We understand that if players have the right guidance and support they can still achieve their dreams. Therefore, Total Soccer Tours will take the hassle and headache out of planning your tour, and provide a professional tour rep from the beginning to the end, and right down to the smallest details.


Euro Elite Tours

Total Soccer Tours in association with Euro Football Tours & Tournaments have some outstanding schedules. We can provide a fully inclusive service by organising suitable accommodation, travel arrangements, quality fixtures and/or (mini) tournaments and sightseeing trips across quality UK and European locations.

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