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"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail"



Why a Pre Season Tour?

Total Soccer Tours provide a large selection of locations available to enable your team to prepare and train in a professional environment suiting your budget. It is our aim to assist and support you right through the planning stage and preparation of your Pre Season Tour. As a result, your training camp will be the first step towards your successful season as we believe today's sweat is tomorrow's glory. After all, the difference between winning and losing is in the details.


Perfect accommodation

Total Soccer Tours offer fully organised Pre Season Tours including luxury locations with sufficient privacy, space for relaxation and strategic preparations. Our hotel accommodations offer comfortable rooms and have a great deal of experience when it comes to organising training camps at a high level.


Top quality service

During your Pre Season Tour, you want to be free to focus on the journey. That is why Total Soccer Tours take care of everything else. From the beginning to the end, and right down to the smallest details. We work with hotel accommodations who are highly experienced at providing sports buffets for healthy nutrition, with screened relaxation areas, private dining and personal service. Most of our high-quality accommodations provide luxury facilities such as a swimming pool, wellness and fitness area. Everything is taken care of.


Natural grass and/or artificial turf training pitches available

There are always football pitches very close at hand. Most of the training pitches are within walking distance or within a few driving minutes by coach transfer.


Choose your accommodation:

Bilderberg Hotels

Best Western Hotels

Hogenboom Vakantieparken

Van der Valk Hotels


Golden Tulip Hotels

Fletcher Hotels

NH Hotels

Princess Hotels

Hampshire Hotels

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