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"Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard"



Come and visit the home of the biggest clubs, explore their heritage and discover what makes these clubs the clubs that they are today. Take in the view of the business and superb hospitality areas. Take your seat in the press room, sit behind the press desk and through your own eyes, experience the feelings and emotions the Manager and the first team players feel when conducting a press conference. Visit the players’ dressing room and sit in your favourite player’s seat before heading to tunnel. Stand in the tunnel and experience the roar of all supporters, then walk pitch side and take in the panoramic view of the stadium. Sit in the Manager’s seat in the dugout and feel the big match excitement.


Visit the world's greatest stadiums

Total Soccer Tours work together with some of the biggest clubs in the world and aim to give schools and clubs the experience of a lifetime.


Training at top venues with qualified coaches

Our Pro Coaching Tours offer school and club teams the opportunity to visit, train and experience the life of professional football players at some of the best clubs in the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Spain, France and Portugal. What school boy and girl does not want to train at the training grounds of the most successful and biggest clubs in the world?


Total Soccer Tours can provide international fixtures during your Pro Coaching Tour. We take great care in ensuring that your fixtures and/or (mini) tournament are suitable, therefore we will discuss the level and formats of your sides with you in detail. 


Play competitive fixtures

Our team have hand-selected the best things to do in our destinations. Your school and clubs teams have direct access to many travel experiences, from basic and traditional sightseeing tours to incredibly exclusive unique finds — and everything in between.


Unforgettable sightseeing experiences


South Netherlands

West Netherlands

North Rhine Westphalia



North West England






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Why a Pro Coaching Tour?
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